Youth 2020 - Reinventing democracy for a modern generation


The civic participation amongst young people is greater now than it has been in a long time. Despite this, studies show that confidence for democracy and its institutions amongst youth have dropped and that young people are more cynical regarding democracy as governance than previous generations and that they are less hopeful about being able to have an impact on the system. If the bridge between our youths commitment and their belief in society grows to large it will, in extension, catastrophically impact Sweden and the world.

This is the reason that Youth 2020 has been created, to find solutions that can contribute to reinventing democracy – for a new age and generation.

For our launch we gathered 100 children’s rights fighters and democracy activists to mobilise power in the fight against unbelief, hate, fear and anti-democratic powers.

And this is just the beginning!



We need a strong movement of democracy fighters. A movement equipped with the best possible tools and resources, to make democracy relevant and deliver results for children and youth. That is why we are launching the Democracy Fund to support collaborations within the frame of Youth 2020.



We are a mix of people from different generations and parts of the country, from schools, local authorities, government bodies and cultural institutions. From companies and family foundations. From nonprofit organisations, social entrepreneurs and activist networks. And of course from youth organisations and movements that drive change from the power of youth itself. We do not rest when disbelief, fear and hate is being spread by anti-democratic forces and our youths rights are being infringed upon – we refuse to allow complex social issues be reduced to simplified and populistic solutions with no effect.

We will continue to shape Youth 2020 together with you in order to improve democracy for our youth. The initiative is started by Sara Damber, founder of Friends and Reach For Change with backup from Hugo Stenbeck Foundation.