We need a strong movement of democracy fighters. A movement equipped with the best possible tools and resources, to make democracy relevant and deliver results for children and youth. That is why we are launching the Democracy Fund to support collaborations within the frame of Youth 2020.


The aim of the Democracy Fund is to enhance sustainability within grass root collaborations and new initiatives. Collaborations as such are resource heavy – but have also the potential to multiply the impact.

We welcome a mix of organisations, initiatives and democracy fighters to apply for 50 000 – 500 000 SEK promoting a variety of successful solutions and methods. Eligible to apply are NGO:s / civil society organisations in collaborations with others.

Funding criteria will focus on encourage:

  • Collaboration: Applicants should be at least two organisations/initiatives collaborating in a meaningful way. Collaborations across the civil society and public sector are encouraged.
  • Fact-based work: Applicants should describe how their methods are based in science and research, and building on experiences and what has already been done.
  • Young democracy fighters: Applicants should describe how they are working for a youth centered democracy with young (under age 25) leaders as driving forces.

All applicants should describe:

  • the relevance of the application in reinventing democracy for youth
  • the immediate impact for involved stakeholders
  • the intended long term impact on the foundation of democracy

Applications can be submitted at any time, but should cover parts of the period October 2018 – December 2020, or this entire period.

Stenbecks Stiftelse, possible collaborating partners and Youth 2020 team will do research on applicants and applications and ask for further material if needed, before proposing applications to be approved by a youth panel and the board of Stenbecks Stiftelse and/or collaborating partners.

More information, criteria, application questionnaires and any process details needed to apply will be available at September 15 2018 the latest.

In support of Hugo Stenbeck Stiftelse